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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
The rule on your incessant, pointless namecalling isn't enforced or you'd have gone the way of KCDud long ago. Just because you break multiple rules and some of them get punished doesn't substantiate anything.
But they do get punished?

Those other posters you mentioned are of no significance to me. There's a few posters on here I generally like but most are quite forgettable. Ant is the only one that you mentioned that I seem to have a favorable reaction to.
Aw, gee -- you and ant? Lol. Wonder why.

As for these other accounts you say I used, if it were true, what's the point of being a b**** and running to the mods and begging for a ban? Not saying I did use any, just saying that by your assumption, it seems silly. I will admit to making one alt name to see why I was banned the first time but I did no masking and it was quickly sniffed out and banned.
Um, yep. As I said. Alternate account made. You do realize that multiple account means that this one should be permanately banned, right? That is the rules. (BTW, I never ran to the moderators about that, and like I said, rarely use the report function.)

Be a better poster and all will be good. Keep being an obnoxious little b**** and you'll keep getting treated like one. Over time, we'll just learn what will make you go crying to the mods and that might go without saying though the sentiment will be regularly present.
You must not be thinking straight most days. You try to say that I incessantly go after posters with name-calling, yet you have only used a childish, pejorative term to refer to me for several days now. Good grief, pot meet kettle. Groowwwwwwwwwwww up!

And hobbies? The Mane is my escape from the things I do everyday. I have plenty to do and when I need a mindless break, this is where I come.
Sure doesn't sound like it. Seems like you come here to be malcontent, bitter and angry. (Theme of most of your posts.) Take your frustrations out in a healthy manner -- like working out. I like to run and listen to Bruce Springsteen cause he talks about New Jersey, fast cars and getting beat up. LolsosloofoOFOf! Being a jerk and talking trash just because you think you are tough ain't a really good way about it. That stuff will come back to haunt ya. Do both of us a favor and stop talking about me each and every chance you get.

Like I said early, pretty sad when dudes gotta go nuts and crazy over someone they never will meet online. LolollololOloslololoolllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.


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