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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
The Mane is a cancer ward? Are you stupid or do these analogies make sense to you?

And if he has such dire issues, maybe he should spend time doing something other than being a little b****.

And, finally, I wasn't whining about anything. I just never pass the opportunity to pile on when talk of how terribly inequally and ineffectively you guys mod this place. For example, how many peanut butter jokes were made after Mock's ordeal? Some were even TO HIM. The difference was even in his final state, Mock wasn't the b**** that req is.
Dude. I said "dialysis center". Dialysis is the treatment people receive when their kidneys no longer work.

Anytime the mods saw (or anyone reported) peanut butter references aimed at Mock, sanctions were imposed, btw. So this is nothing new. Bans have always been handed down for making fun of someone else's serious illnesses.

Stop whining. (You are indeed whining about an entirely-justified ban.)

And 'Cup... the thread was moved because it had devolved into a flamefest and petty bickering that doesn't need to be on the main page.
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