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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by enjolras View Post
To be fair, there are a lot of folks here who seem to believe that we were a fumble away from winning in New England. That game wasn't close either. We got blown out.
We lost by 10, not sure that gets classified as a blow out, especially on the road against NE. The Ravens were at home. And I was not one of those who thought we were a fumble away from winning in NE. But you can put me down for believing that we had the Patriots sweating bullets in the 4th quarter until that fumble. I don't think the Broncos were quite sweating bullets in that Ravens game.

In the end, I think they are a little better on defense now that they got some players back but on the offense I don't see them being really any better then they were before, especially on the road in Denver. Our defense is well rested, and should really put a ton of pressure on their offense.
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