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Every DT on the roster has an expiring contract, Vickerson, Bannan, Unrein, and Silga. Given the solid play of the line I can understand that it wouldn't seem like a need. But with everyone of those contracts expiring, I'd personally rather bring back Vickerson, and replace Bannan with another younger veteran DT, and upgrade Unrein or Silga in the draft.
I definitely think the Broncos would be on this same exact track of mind. Unrein has played well when he's been in there this year. Silga has been kept on the practice squad probably for this exact reason. I think a DT in the 1st or 2nd rd of the draft is a lock for Denver. I am not keen to what DT Free Agents will be out there this year. Seems like Del Rio will be able to make it work with whatever he is given.
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