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Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
Question: Would you walk into a dialysis center and tell a patient there to "make yourself useful and donate a kidney?" No, you wouldn't. Because it's not just seriously uncool; it's unacceptable. Someone who has a serious... perhaps life-threatening... illness already has enough challenges in their everyday life and the mere fact of having an illness does not make them a lesser individual, deserving of scorn or contempt for something beyond their control. Same concept applies here in cyberspace... if you know someone is ill, then their illness is not an avenue for smack, even if you don't personally like the person or his/her takes. Attack their argument; not them personally for their illness. It really is that simple and it's... disappointing... that this needs to be explained in detail as to why someone who made just such an outrageous, unacceptable post... was banned.

The maraschino cherry on the top of this particular horsesh*t sundae is that today you had the unmitigated gall to come in here misrepresenting the facts and trying to paint yourself as the innocent victim of an unjustified banning by biased moderators. SMH. I'm thoroughly disgusted.

/end rant
Thank you, Blue.
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