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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
So.. what I did was not a direct violation of the rules but I "should have known". What you did, however, IS a direct violation but, as with all things here, is selectively punished.
But, the rules were enforced against me? 44 days in two months. How is that selective?

I don't know what the rest of your babble was about so I can't really comment on it.
Sure you do. Yourself, lonestar, ant1999e, Obushma, nyuk nyuk have all devolved to the point where you have to continuously attack me personally, whether is a health condition or what I do for a living. Back and forth, (with the help of another poster who shall not be named) you guys have been conversing back and forth talking **** about me. Pretty sad. Not sure you are a part of it, but something I have only told a member or two has gotten around and thrown at me via PM, open posts and reputation. It is pretty sick and disgusting.

And as for your condition... don't be a b****. If it hurts you when people make comments about it, keep your personal news to yourself.
Like I said, would you have made fun of Mock passing away under such a strange circumstance or openly make fun of someone on this board who has cancer? I doubt it. I was open to the board about it after several people had wondered where the Hell I had been for a while. A lot of people here did a lot of nice things and were a big help to me when everything was going down.

Facing an organ transplant and doing what I have to do just to live a normal life on a day to day basis isn't being a b****. I hardly complain about it. That I am able to even function somewhat normally day in and day out is a blessing. Thankful for that.

When someone is acting like a little b****, I have no issues admitting the world would be better without them. Preferably because they opt out of the internet but... whatever the case, it's not my decision to make.
Seems like you take the internet too seriously. Who is the one b****ing? Basically you. Mirrors must no longer reflect, huh?

Either way, the point still stands that "making fun of a medical condition" was an entirely new reason for banning.
Keep telling yourself that, I'm sure you will feel better about it. It is interesting that you weren't permabanned from here when you were banned previously and came here under another name (which coincidentally has been inactive) to continue trollin' in WRP. You aren't innocent, no matter how hard you try do convince yourself of that.

Might be time to find a hobby.

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