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Originally Posted by TheElusiveKyleOrton View Post
Yeah, I didn't say "here's the play guys!" But non contact injuries (like that one) generally point to a bigger problem, lots of times an injury that wasn't properly dealt with.

He shouldn't have been in the game at that point. It's not like their backup is Joe Webb.
I've tried this a couple of times might have to save it from time to time.

The following obvious to anyone with two eyes.

After the second scoring drive:
  • Rg3 was not the same
  • He was unable to plant his foot to make throws on a consistent basis.
  • He was not running with his normal gusto.
  • On one play while running out of bounds he was actually skipping favoring his injured knee.
  • He was ineffective as a player.
  • He grimaced while running.
  • His knee in that final play bent in a direction(inward) that was abnormal and if there was not serious structural damage the brace should have handled the stress quite easily.
  • It is not like they had Tebow as a backup.
  • Cousins led t
he team very well while rg3 was out.

IMO mikey was totally responsible and derelict in his duties for not removing him. He is paid to make the decisions especially since he was ineffective mid point first period.

Regardless of rg3 wanting to play or not he should have been pulled, with cousins going in to play.

If they did not have a game plan to accommodate cousins, who is responsible for that?

Everyone forgets that Griese was allowed to play the second half of a OAK game with a separated shoulder.. He was done for the season after that and IMO his career pretty much ended after that year. Now I have to ask if it had not been OAK would mikey have replaced him?

Mikey out a blind guy into a game to fake out a team for one play. TD had serious migraine issues. Anyone have to wonder if he could have suffered permanent damage had he took w major hit to the head.

At those times everyone thought it was great, now I have to wonder if winning just the second playoff game since 2000 was more on his mind than the future of the franchise. .

Yes my dislike for mikey is well known but I think I have ample reasons for that when you look at what happened yesterday , add to that his failures in winning in the playoffs after John retired, blaming everyone else for his failures and his abmyismal personnel record with players and defensive coaches.

What say you?
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