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I did a long post twice breaking down their weak schedule vs ours. I pointed out how the lost to the eagles, played close games with browns twice/KC, and split with Pittsburgh without Ben twice. They were blown out by us and Houston and had one good win against the Patriots. I pointed out that they just allowed 400 plus yards to the colts and Denver will get TD's out of their opportunities. I pointed out the altitude and that they won't be able to no huddle but Denver will. I called the guy out who said we have no CB depth and Porter has been awful all year. The same guy said Moreno had only 1 good game against them. That crappy board wouldn't put up my posts actually talking football to those clueless fans.
Its called Temporary Suspension of Disbelief....... most Ravens fans who know football realize the trip to Denver is a Mountain to climb, in alititude, across the country with a limping and gimping Defense and a QB that blows on the road.... their fans who are not retarded know the Manning records versus the Ravens, and he has a better team now- Heck Manning doesn't have to beat them now, he has the running game and Defense to lean on...

I'd say the Ravens have a 10% chance of winning. I think they willplay all out balls-to-the-wall for the first half... but the tude will get to them, and we will finsih them off nicely in the end...
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