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I just finished simming their thread. There are few actual points anyone is making. Essentially their reasons for predicting the Ravens win are all falacies.

1.) Denver hasn't beat any good teams. - Aside from the obvious fact we beat them in Baltimore, beating bad teams by large margins doesn't mean you aren't a good team. This isn't like the Colts feasting on bad teams at home barely winning as time expired. We destroyed these teams.

2.) Baltimore is healthier - First it isn't true. Suggs is saying his leg is bothering him. Now that could be disinformation before the game, but whatever. Second, they have Ray Lewis back, but he isn't who he is was and is playing with one and a half arms. Their defense clearly showed they have major issues.

3.) Baltimore would have won had Chris Harris not returned the int for a TD. - Really? First, how do we know they get more than a field goal down there? Second, let's assume they do score a TD, for the sake of argument. The Broncos go into the half with a three point lead. How does that change anything that happened in the second half? Because the offense comes out with more confidence? How does it change what the Broncos did on defense? The two TD's in garbage time were some blown assignments because we let up. I don't believe how us taking a smaller lead into the half = Broncos lose.

There are a lot of reasons someone could make for the Ravens to upset the Broncos. Kruger is playing well this season, preasure inside on Beadles, Koppen and Manny could upset Manning's timing. The cold weather could impact our defense's speed and our passing rhythm. Clady could be more hurt than they're letting on. Manning could be killed by a meteor - all of these are better than what they listed.

What amazes me is how they haven't even mentioned how crappy Flacco is on the road, how we've lost one game all year, and most of all, how Manning owns them. They were in dog fight and took a lot of snaps and are going on the road on a short week while we're coming off a bye. I'm amazed how moronic they are.
I did a long post twice breaking down their weak schedule vs ours. I pointed out how the lost to the eagles, played close games with browns twice/KC, and split with Pittsburgh without Ben twice. They were blown out by us and Houston and had one good win against the Patriots. I pointed out that they just allowed 400 plus yards to the colts and Denver will get TD's out of their opportunities. I pointed out the altitude and that they won't be able to no huddle but Denver will. I called the guy out who said we have no CB depth and Porter has been awful all year. The same guy said Moreno had only 1 good game against them. That crappy board wouldn't put up my posts actually talking football to those clueless fans.
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