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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I really don't think Moore is a Top 5 guy, probably not even Top 10 in reality -- but with the success of Miller and other guys off the edge who are tremendous pass rushers, his value is going to inflate. With the lack of top tier, elite talent at the front of this draft, guys who have no business going in the Top 10 more than likely will.
Yep, hell of a nice year to be a 13-3 team. Not only are we a serious SB contender, but the tight talent gap in the top 30-50 is likely going to result in different staffs viewing guys very differently, and the FO might just find themselves picking at 32 with a guy they had pegged as a top 15 pick sitting on the board.

Drafts like this one are fun, probably going to be a lot of WTF? picks made early on.
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