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Originally Posted by ol#7 View Post
I knew, just KNEW Lonesomestar would be on here chirping about M.S. 1 playoff win...

Despite several knee jerk comments that people would defend Shanny, I don't see any of that.

I am perplexed he didnt sit after halftime. ou would think that at the very least you would want to get Cousins some menaingful playoff experience knowing that if you win, he is probably your guy next week in Atlanta. Hell they didnt even call a timeout on that second TD drive when RGIII could barely get back to the huddle. After that all his throws were 'all arm' and came out awkward.

Even if he thought it would loosen up, I cant believe that he let him go as far as he did.

Can't really think of a worse way for the Skins to end the year than that.
You didn't neg rep anybody about this I hope.

I don't know what to say about this, Griffin wanted to play and he was probably busting anybody's chops that tried to keep him out of the game. The guy wanted to play, much like Steve Young busting Seifert's chops for pulling him. I don't know if there's a finger to be pointed. Wash hadn't won a home playoff game for a long time, Griffin wanted to be the guy.
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