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Originally Posted by Armchair Bronco View Post
What's with all the Seahawks hate? You clowns missing bashing Tebow so bad you need to take it out on Seattle?

Seattle fans aren't classless. The 12th man gives the Hawks a HUGE advantage at home. Name one team that wouldn't want that.

And what's up with all the Carroll hate? He's an awesome coach who gets the best out of his players. He dominated the college scene for who knows how long, and he has been firing on all cylinders since joining the Hawks. He's personable and excitable and the players love him. Don't forget that there are coaches like Harbaugh and Ryan out there...Carroll is nothing like those guys.
I like Seattle myself. Pretty badass team for coming into the League in 1976. Have a better playoff record than San Diego, an original AFL team. Dave Krieg is still up at the top of the record books, and he was pretty much the NFL equivalent of a walk on. Facing Seattle was no easy task for the rest of the AFC West back in the day, Seattle took the Div Title a few times. Actually, Seattle was the last AFCW title holder I do believe until realignment.
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