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Originally Posted by ant1999e View Post
There are some real Shanny homers here aren't there?
Yes there are. Major nut huggers because he could do no wrong, didn't you hear he won two superbowls.

What they fail to admit is he had a fist full of talent about 50/50 from the old regime.

But since then he has won only ONE playoff game.

IMO for,what he did today he should be fired.

If he could not tell his QB was totally ineffective after those first two drives and in obvious pain then he needs to see an eye doctor.

Like in the concussion situations you can no longer ask the player if he is alright. Got to have a legit trainer or doctor that does not report to mikey to make those decisions.

He could have very well ruined this kids career with leaving him in to get beat up like that. That angle of that leg was not normal and that was with a major big knee brace on.

I suspect surgery will take place to repair it as soon as the swelling goes down.
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