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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
It wasn't an issue of who, it was what for. Use your brain.

You knew exactly what you were doing with the statement you made. You knew your intentions. It was a blatant flame and personal harassing mark that got you a little vacation. Don't like being banned? Don't break the rules. Would you make fun of someone on the site who had cancer?

Certainly would hope not.

I rarely ever use the report function, but in that case I did. Knowing that it would get you banned was well worth it.

And chapping the ass of political lunatics of your kind isn't a direct rule violation. That stuff goes in that forum. I think it is hilarious that I have a following of a bunch of middle-aged, passive aggressive malcontents Hell bent for leather on trying to bring me down at each and every shot they get. Seriously, it is absolutely fascinating that you guys can't learn to take the higher road and let go.

Do you not have a healthy circle of friends in real life to communicate with? Grow up dude.

Says the guy who made fun of a person's life threatening medical condition and tries to act tough online because oooo raaaaaaaaah.
So.. what I did was not a direct violation of the rules but I "should have known". What you did, however, IS a direct violation but, as with all things here, is selectively punished.

I don't know what the rest of your babble was about so I can't really comment on it.

And as for your condition... don't be a b****. If it hurts you when people make comments about it, keep your personal news to yourself.

When someone is acting like a little b****, I have no issues admitting the world would be better without them. Preferably because they opt out of the internet but... whatever the case, it's not my decision to make.

Either way, the point still stands that "making fun of a medical condition" was an entirely new reason for banning.
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