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Von Miller

Originally Posted by Hulamau View Post
The Raven smack now is just like our Roc Alexander at corner teams when going into Indy for a playoff game against you know who!!! :-)

We also fell back on and resorted to the same kind of weak 'whistling past the graveyard' smack 'hoping' for a miracle with claims we would 'shock the world' with one implausible 'what if' scenario after another.

The clear facts are these:

1. Unlike in most of the past 12 to 13 years period whenever we had to face the Ravens, the Broncos are clearly the superior team in ALL three phases of the game!

2. We cleaned their clock at their house three or so weeks ago when they had their #2 spot riding on the line and desparately were trying to break their losing streak. That victory was much more lopsided than even the score suggested as we did our typical fourth quarter put on the brakes and run out the clock prevent defense scheme which Foxy likes to resort to in the regular season when we get a big enough lead by the last quarter and not only did that slow down our scoring machine considerably, but allowed them to rack up their misleading 14 points in junk time as if Flake-O had a ghost of a chance pulling that off if we were playing for keeps still in the 4th quarter!

3. The Ray Ray Retirement Mojo emotional boost will have disspated entirely within 24 hours from now, if not sooner. The air is out of that bag for good. Congrats to Ray for a well deserved bon voyage at his house for the last 17 years! Now its time to light his viking ship on fire and push his remains out to sea toward the Valhalla of an ESPN broadcast career from the south gate of Sports Authority field next Saturday!

Just ask the Pagano-comeback inspired Colts who shocked the listless Texans in Colt stadium how well their emotional mojo traveled this week!?

4. The Ravens are struting around crowing about how much they now want Manning and the Broncos based on finally ... by the 4th quarter ... pulling ahead of a truly poor team with a very good young QB and no Oline to speak of and a very porous Defense with a few opportunistic players. A Colts D whose best cornerback out there today was Cassius Vaughn, who is a decent journeyman back up, but could not make our 53 man roster and was traded to said Colts before the season started!!

If Andrew Luck had a semblance of a real NFL O-line that could even marginally protect him and some WRs that could actually catch the balls right in their hands it is very likely the Colts may well have won this game, even with their sucky pass defense today!

5. The Ravens will find a well rested up and tuned up Manning/Von-Doom and Company who have thoroughly dissected the Ravens battle plans and are the polar opposite of the rookie QB and marginal defense they faced today!

Enough said, the only way in a very blue moon that the Ravens do somehow upset us, as said above by others, will ONLY be because of what we failed to do and not because of anything they did to us as the better team, as was so often the case in prior Bronco/Ravens games over the last decade.

Its Pay back time! :-))
Well said...Saturday can't come fast enough
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