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And none of those were close to Ad's season this year. He beat TD's 2000 yard season per carry average by nearly a yard. TD had 44 more carries, at Ad's YPC that would give him another 264 yards. He already beat TD's total yards by 89 yards. So given the same number of carries he would have had 353 more yards. With Christian Ponder at QB instead of Elway.

Same with Dickerson. 9 yards shy on 32 fewer carries.

That's not to say we'll never see a season better, but he just had the single best season carrying the ball we've seen to date. If that can't win MVP in this league because the passing stats have been so inflated we might as well just remove all pretenses and make it a QB only award.

Fact is, any Bronco fan who thinks TD deserved the MVP in '98 should want AD to win this year. Wasn't that long ago this franchise hung it's hat on running the ball as top offensive priority. AD is starting to look like the last of the breed and deserves the respect he's due you while he's still doin'.
You are focusing way too much on his rushing yardage alone. He had 2097 yards rushing, 217 yards receiving, and 13 total TDs. Terrell Davis had 2008 yards rushing, 217 yards receiving and and 23 total TDs. LaDanian Tomlinson had 1815 yards rushing, 508 yards receiving and 31 total TDs. Peterson's season doesn't really compare unless you think yards are more important than points.
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