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I always love the "they are angry" argument. C'mon, once you step between the lines, all that talk and **** goes away. We won a pretty emotional game last year against Pitt while NE sat on their asses. Then we traveled there and got the ever loving **** beat out of us because they were the much better team.

This year, we're the much better team. They can be as pissed off as they want, who cares? If we do our thing, they won't be able to stop us. If we dont fumble and play careless, we'll roll them.

Its funny that during the regular season, everyone loves the bye for the rest and the extra week to prepare, and then in the playoffs some people get scared of it. You're just being a worried fan. Think of it this way, I bet you think Houston barely has a shot against NE. Its the same exact sitch.
In fairness though, the Pats last year were a superbowl team and we were lucky bastards to go 8-8, the cliff between the two sides was too severe. Baltimore are far closer to us than many think
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