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I disagree. I don't think falling ass-first into the best QB of all time justifies his firing one iota.
No but being 1-4 in the playoffs without Elway is.

1 playoff win in 10 years is.

Missing the playoffs for 3 straight years is.

Having massive chokage at the end of the season year in and year out is.

Making the playoffs 4 times since 1999 is.

Winning 1 playoff game since 1999.

Having Bob Slowick as your DC is a fireable offense in its own as far as I'm concerned.

Losing 52-21 in the last game of the season that determines a playoff spot in the 3rd year of a rebuilt team with an "elite QB" and an elite WR is a fireable offense... against division rivals.

How can the Broncos be considered a winning franchise when you win one playoff game in 10 years?

4 playoff appearances in 10 years?

Hovering .500 year in and year out in a relatively weak division isn't exactly screaming, winning.

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