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The Team

Seriously, Gaffney, you're grasping at straws.

There has only been one peer review paper written about the collapse.

What is your opinion of this paper reviewed by some of the most eminent experts in their field.

Why is it wrong and why would only unqualified conspiracy nuts think so??

Ok, you're up!

Below is the list of people who have staked their reputations on the only paper which passed the scrutiny of peer review regarding the WTC tragedy...

For those who may think that no one has written a peer reviewed paper on the collapse of the towers here it is...

"Walter P. Murphy Professor of

Civil Engineering and Materials Science

Northwestern University

The towers of the World Trade Center were designed to withstand as a whole the horizontal impact of a large commercial aircraft. So why did a total collapse occur? The reason is the dynamic consequence of the prolonged heating of the steel columns to very high temperature. The heating caused creep buckling of the columns of the framed tube along the perimeter of the structure, which transmits the vertical load to the ground. The likely scenario of failure may be explained as follows...

The version linked above, to appear in the Journal of Engineering Mechanics (ASCE), was revised and extended (with Yong Zhou on September 22 and additional appendices on September 28) since the original text of September 13, which was immediately posted at various civil engineering web sites, e.g. University of Illinios. It also has been or soon will be published in a number of other journals, including Archives of Applied Mechanics, Studi i Ricerche, and SIAM News:

Z. P. Bazant and Y. Zhou, "Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse?", Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics News, vol. 34, No. 8 (October, 2001).

That means it's not just a document, book, web site or calculation on a forum. It's had to pass critical review by other engineering Professors.

I know there are CT sites which attack this paper but not one person has yet to disprove its hypothesis professionally. There are still people attacking the theory of evolution. Anyone can attack, not many can produce a paper to back it up. Just as there is no "theory of intelligent design" except on Christian web sites, there are no alternatives to this paper other than in CT sites and books."

The paper...


Ross B. Corotis, Ph.D., P.E., S.E., NAE, University of Colorado, Boulder

Editorial Board:

Younane Abousleiman, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

Ching S. Chang, Ph.D., P.E., University of Massachusetts

Joel P. Conte, Ph.D., P.E., University of California, San Diego

Henri Gavin, Duke University

Bojan B. Guzina, University of Minnesota

Christian Hellmich, Dr.Tech., Vienna University of Technology

Lambros Katafygiotis, Ph.D., Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Nik Katopodes, Ph.D., University of Michigan

Nicos Makris, University of Patras

Robert J. Martinuzzi, P.E., University of Calgary

Arif Masud, Ph.D., University of Illinois, Chicago

Arvid Naess, Ph.D., Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Khaled W. Shahwan, Daimler Chrysler Corporation

George Voyiadjis, Ph.D., EIT, Louisiana State University

Yunping Xi, Ph.D., University of Colorado

Engineering Mechanics Division Executive Committee

Alexander D. Cheng, Ph.D., M.ASCE, Chair

James L. Beck, Ph.D., M.ASCE

Roger G. Ghanem, Ph.D., M.ASCE

Wilfred D. Iwan, M.ASCE

Chiang C. Mei, M.ASCE

Verna L. Jameson, ASCE Staff Contact

Journal of Engineering Mechanics
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