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TJ Ward

From the same board Dom was on

"I think some have touched on it a bit. I don't think they've been tested much. They've basically been in cruise control over the last 8 weeks or so. I don't think any team over that time took them to deep waters and made them play 60 mins. The Ravens came close, but obviously Joe had a terrible game.

I also think that watching that first game, the Ravens got exactly what they wanted offensively, but again Joe struggled. That was Caldwell's first game calling plays, and things weren't sharp. I strongly feel that a few first downs change that first half. Also the Ravens had good field position because they didn't really have a answer for Jacoby.

Defensively, the Ravens did a really strong job against Manning. That's without Ray, Pollard, a healthy Suggs, and instead of Graham and Brown, it was a banged up Jimmy Smith. Feel the D plays strong.

I like the power run factor of the offense as well. The Broncos D is undersized and Peirce was able to hit them a couple times, but Birk's holding brought back a 18 yard run that had the Ravens in scoring position.

Once the Ravens went uptempo, the offense started moving. Had Flacco not thrown the Int and Torrey gets his foot down on the play he got injured, the Ravens score 14 unanswered points, instead of just 3. In the 2nd half Caldwell started to figure out that Defense, which really prompted Peyton to take the air out the ball and run the clock. That is method is what really halted any comeback attempt.

Most people will look at this game and say the Ravens were out matched, and playing in Mile High might be a different story, but I strongly feel the Ravens were a few early first downs away from making that game really competitive. Don't wanna make the post too long, but there is much more that has me confident going to Denver. Will it lead to a win? Who knows"
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