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I mean I have no idea what they're 4 quarter game plan was.

But there was nothing the Redskins did today that Cousins couldn't have executed.

Outside of the one TD pass to Royster.

I'll be honest - with all my Shanahan **** talking...I hate the Seahawks and Pete Carroll. I like Wilson though.

I just know Shanahan teams generally fall short against physical teams. That's just the reality.

Along with him getting quick leads and the whole team coming to a completely lull.

This happened time and time and time and time again in Denver. It's the same story.

I'm just wondering where all those people talking about Shanahan out coaching Pete Carroll are...and where all the people who said this game was over are.

I hate the Seahawks. I just know Shanahan is incompetent.

Oh I hear you. We all knew this game was not over even after Was. got up quickly. We all know Shanny teams tend to crap themselves in these positions. I really like Wilson and think he should be ROTY and simply think just because he plays on the west coast and his name is not luck he is going to get screwed.
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