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Originally Posted by Wes Mantooth View Post
its bad enough in on one message board, why I would waste my time on some team I could care less about is beyond me.

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I would not be surprised if you beat the Broncos.
The Broncos are the most over hyped, ESPN Kool aid team in the NFL.

The Texans, Falcons, and Patriots all imposed their will all over Denver this season.
Denver only beat the Ravens (their one decent win all season) when Baltimore was in a complete state of dysfunction, with injuries and offensive coordinators.

Denver plays in the AFC West, which is by far the most pathetic division in football, and many of their performances, against teams like the 2-12 Chiefs and the lolRaiders, weren't that impressive offensively.

I believe Denver is an overrated football team that has an 11 game winning streak against the absolute bottom feeders of the NFL. Every other good team in the NFL dominated Denverand had the games over by the 3rd quarter.
Peyton has historically laid eggs in post season games. Even his Superbowl run was diminished by the fact he only had 3 touchdown passes and seven interceptions. You drag Peyton into a post-season dog fight and he could crumble and have a 3 pick day.

Their defense and team is also very young, and the lights get too bright for some teams in the real football season.

If Ravens defense has one more Raven-style game in them and the worst Flacco doesn't show up, I say Denver gets upset in their own stadium.

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