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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
I think spiral is just basically saying nothing in life is guaranteed. I dunno why you find this so hard to believe. But we are better, clearly, and if we avoid mistakes, play out game, they shouldn't give us trouble
For sure SonofLe-loLang, of course the Broncos have to play hard and focused for at least 60+ minutes and minimize all sorts of mistakes especially turn overs and senseless costly penalties.

But the Ravens are NOT a team to be 'feared' right now and worrying Spiral or anyone else with sleepless nights for the next week! We will lose IF and ONLY if we don't take care of our business as we are CLEARLY the better team in all three phases of the game.

By contrast, The Ravens could play one of their best games of the season up to their potential and would STILL lose to us at home IF we are playing solid consistent Broncos football.. That is the bottomline.

Their only hope is they play the full game at a fever pitch and we have an off game and hand it to them. But this is NOT like in past years where we really should have and did fear playing the Ravens, especially in their house, as they were the superior team back then .. but no longer.

Flake-O going against our D versus Manning and our O going against their D is a bet I'll take very day of the week and twice on Sundays!

That is why we are giving some grief to Spiral on his less than solid feeling about our team after all they have done all year! We all know the Ravens could upset us, but I really don't think so this year and few others here do.

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