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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Joshy that the best you got.

What the comment was about cutlet was at best would have been just a part of the decision making process.

John is smart enough to know that changing coaching anD schemes. Like underwear causes just that more confusion and time to get there. (Promised land). Any way it is academic. John never had the chance to make the decision.
True that you don't want to change coaching staffs to often. But what does it say about the situation that Mr.Bowlen was willing to make the change 3/4 through the season. Whatever the reason it was dire to the future of the team. Whether you think Spygate was a big deal or not. Or trading away a franchise QB and WR and getting nothing in return was a good thing or not. It all came down to the direction where the Broncos were going. To bad for Mcdumbass that everything was pointing down for the Broncos.
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