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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by spiralism View Post
The arrogance people have in our team is slightly worrying...Lest we forget Jacksonville 1996... #1 seeds in the AFC have a terrible record and a team on fire only stands to lose momentum on a bye. Write off Baltimore at your absolute peril
Please tell me Spiralism, why on earth could ANY opinion expressed here whether it is what you call 'arrogance' and we call 'well-deserved confidence' in our team or not would have any effect whatsoever on the game?!?? You do understand and clearly realize that whatever you or I nor anyone on this board thinks or is worried or not about has ZERO impact on what happens next week don't chya!?!

Please tell me you are not really 'worried' that we feel good about our team at home in the playoffs against the Ratbirds who we buried at their house?!

Yes they need to be taken seriously and our team needs to come loaded for bear but do you really expect anything different?!

This isn't the old Broncos with Plummer or Tebow at QB ... Hell Tebow with this team would likely be favored over Baltimore at our house .. much less Manning who is 8 and 1 against the Ravens including against Baltimore's top tier teams of the past .. you remember those dont chya? when Ray Ray was still really a great LB??

If anyone should be worried its the Ravens, they got what they wanted with a playoff win at home and sending Lewis out on a high note and that's great. The more emotional these Ravens players are now, including Ray Ray from this win, the easier it will be to knock them off next week!

No way they can maintain that emotional pitch for a whole other week and bring it on the road in our house against a team like ours. .. Just ask Indy what happened to their emotional Pagano high after beating Houston in Indy last week??

THIS game was Baltimore's SB .. they shot their wad.

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