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Originally Posted by Vine View Post
I agree with Spiralism. Even the NFL's #32 team could beat the #1 team, so it is not too farfetched to think that the Ravens could beat Denver. I do not expect Manning or any of the other Broncos to come in with overconfidence overlooking the Ravens, but if a fanbase, in general is, that energy from the fanbase can affect the team in a negative manner.
Confidence and expectations of a win is not arrogance. Saying you are scared of a team you have faced and handled in their stadium is just embarrassing.

"Energy" affecting any NFL team is non-sense and message board gibberish. Players don't listen to sports talk, they get paid to come on and talk on sports talk. They live in a cocoon and aren't on the OM posting messages like regular Joe's.

I expect the Broncos to beat the Ravens, and if they lose its not because of anything a mediocre Ravens team did, but something the Broncos did or had happen.
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