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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
F*&K them. I can't wait to play them they are soft and Flacco sucks. I can't wait to kick their arse.
Cosign.No fear going against this reincarnation of the Ravens. I can't wait to watch them sweep the tricep on that murder. I still think Luck is going to be a top 3 QB in the league in a year or two, but he's getting next to no help in this game (other than Reggie Wayne). The Colt's line is like a sieve, there have been numerous drops. The receivers aren't coming back to the ball to help him out and with the exception of one decent run, Ballard basically looks like Lance Ball's twin.

Defensively, Cassius Vaughn is getting destroyed. That's not going to happen against Champ or Harris.

Can't wait to watch Brian Griese XL next week get demolished by Von/Doom.
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