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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
Only 2 teams worry me, the Patriots and Packers.
That's more like it GL, they both have real QBs that can make it a rough day on nearly any D that isnt playing at top tier level.

But we have a more balanced team than either of them. We just need to at least score with them and keep it close until the second half .. if not grab a solid lead from the outset ... when the cumulative effects of a tough D and Manning keeping the pressure on and the NE or GB suspect D starts to falter, specially at home against NE, but also in the Dome against GB, if it comes to playing them.

First things first though, we need our focused commitment to STOMPING these Ratbirds who have now shot their 'Emotion' wad in this game and will be ripe for the pickin's next week.
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