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While I understand your point.

Pat also has to look at the talent the Josh. Has brought in and wither believes that talent will come around soon or not. And if he brings in another HC will he start over also.

Pat has seen enough if the CLE, STL, OAK and CIN debacles to know sometimes you just have to stick with the guy you liked. Itnisnnot like he did not have the pick of the litter when he chose Josh.

IMO had it not been for the spy gate I think he would have gotten another year. At worst he would have hired a qualified GM and maybe even John to bring the fans back knowing there was a star holding the team together.

Perhaps had John said he had to go then maybe Pat/John would have pulled the plug.
No one really knows why pat choose like he did.
What's sad is that the Broncos were 4-12, and someone thinks it took spygate to do Josh in. What's even more sad, is that this might actually be right.

Anyway, there's no way in hell Elway was going to endorse McDaniels.
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