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Bradley Roby

Manning will eat the Ratbirds alive.. if they make it to Denver ... with Stokely., Tammy, Virgil Green screens and crossing patterns and post ups to Decker and Thomas.

And with Knowshon and Hester mixing it up in hte run game. They will be in OUR house and if Ravens win here their "Goodbye Ray Ray high will be dissipated in the thin air of mile high with OUR fans screaming it down their throats.

Flacco will fall apart and start throwing Picks when WMD start tattooing him regularly from the first quarter on and the D will bottle up Rice as they did in their house.

Our Oline is WAY better than Indy's and Indy is still moving the ball quite well and should be up by 11 points now instead of tied with a little better overall decisions and play out of luck and company.
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