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I just want Elway's the GM's legacy to be more than bringing in Manning. He's done a lot to re-engage the fanbase, but I would really like to see him continue to excel in the years beyond.

If things dont' work out down the road, the short sided people will attribute all of his success to Manning, disrgarding the other excellent work he's done in putting this team around Peyton.

I just don't want to see all the threads and posts that Elway only succeeded with Manning, similari to the bone heads that try to discredit Shanahan because he had Elway as his QB.
Yeah, you could tell he was really behind drafting Miller (not that others werent). The way he described the tape of Miller made it obvious that he was big on Miller. Dareus is a nice player, but I think Miller makes a bigger impact in today's NFL. Miller is the more dynamic player, which is what Elway was describing when watching his tape. You should get a great player at #2, but it's been screwed up many times by many with more experience.

But I think Broderick Bunkley is, perhaps, the greatest example of how adeptly Elway has handled himself. He brings in Bunkley. At the time, a lot of people thought he was just another big body. But then Bunkley made Elway look good by doing really well. In that situations, GMs typically fall in love with the guy because they feel like that player validated how smart they are. A lot of GMs would then throw a lot of money at that player. Did Elway? No. He let Bunkley walk. Have the Broncos missed Bunkley? He's a nice player but the team has done fine without him. It would have been so easy for Elway to throw a bunch of money at Bunkley--it happens to a lot of GMs. But he avoided this trap.
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