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Originally Posted by Aftermath View Post
It's not most valuable QB. Minnesota might win one game without Peterson. Our defense is top 5, special teams top 5. Sure Manning helps make our defense a bit better. Minnesota has NOTHING without Peterson.
Percy Harvin carried that team the first 5-6 games and Peterson was pedestrianfor them. When Harvin went down THEN Peterson started his run.

while Peterson is the MVP of the vikings the MVP award is for the MVP for the whole season, over the whole season, and he has only been in that class for the last 10 games of the regular season. Ponder also was a big part of that offense for the last 4 games and without him Peterson could not be effective
all by himself.

Manning , Brady and Rogers have all been more valuable to their teams then
Peterson and over a larger percentage of the season.

Maybe Peterson can get Offensive player....not MVP and Not comeback ( definitely Manning for that).
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