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Holy **** that article in insulting to the entire rest of the Denver Broncos.

So Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker putting up Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne numbers is entirely a product of Manning? They're both damn good players in their own right in only their third season in the league. Manning's success this year isn't a product of Manning alone, these two guys have done a lot to help him out and this attitude that Manning is 100% responsible for their success instead of seeing it for the symbiotic relationship it is degrades their contributions.

The 8-8 to 13-3 jump also completely ignores the massive improvement in our defense from a middling squad with a few playmakers to an elite group with stars paired with damn good starters almost across the board. Miller took his DROY 2011 season and turned it up a few notches for 2012. Doom looked even better in 2012 than he did in 2011. Woodyard had a massive step forward. Chris Harris broke through like a beast. Raheem Moore has grown by leaps and bounds. Wolfe and Ayers are an impressive strong side DE tandem. And lets not forget Champ holding father time at bay with apparent ease.

These guys are a big part of why this team improved, not just Manning.

Lets also not overlook the improved TE play from FA signings, the step forward we've seen both Zane Beadles and Orlando Franklin take, and the gradual return to form of Ryan Clady.

Willis McGahee was playing some of the best football of his career before getting hurt and Knowshon Moreno is playing hands down the best football of his career now in place of him.

This team's success is the product of all of the above.

Meanwhile the single biggest difference the Vikings have seen between their 2011 3-13 season and their 10-6 2012 season was Peterson. Not just getting back from his ACL tear but then having one of the single most dominant RB seasons ever with little to no passing game to back him up.

MVP is a single season award for the most valuable player over a 16 game span. Without Manning the Broncos were likely a playoff team still. Without Peterson the Vikings are trying to decide who they pick in the top 5 of next year's draft. This shouldn't even be hard and if Manning wins it they should just formally announce that it's a QBs only award.

Want a good stat to highlight it? In Terrell Davis' 1998 MVP season he had the following stat line with an all world team around him:
2008 rushing yards
5.1 yards per carry
125.5 yards per game
15 20+ yard runs
6 40+ yard runs

Adrian Peterson on a weak Vikings team with no other superstar on offense to help him out:
2097 rushing yards
6.0 yards per carry
131.1 yards per game
27 20+ yard runs
8 40+ yard runs

Now I thin TD was the clear cut MVP in 1998, but thinking that I can't see how I could rationally argue that thinking Peterson trumping TD's '98 season pretty much across the board. Manning's numbers are better than any QB achieved in '98, sure, but the same could be said of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees. If the MVP is anything other than a QB only award it's got to go to Peterson after putting up the greatest running back's season we've seen to date.
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