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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
Because it was no cliff,defaulting on our debt has real consequences here & worldwide. Defaulting is also unconstitutional.
Second Obama was offering compromise the whole time.
Defaulting may have been decided to be unconstitutional but that doesn't necessarily make the debt limit unconstitutional. It just means you can't borrow any more to pay the bills. The last time this came around, they were making preparations for the military to go without pay. A week of such things happening and suddenly people would be ready to take real action. I say that and the chief income of my family is from military pay.

The problem is the big 3 untouchables all need to be touched. Of course the people don't want them touched but, again, it always comes back to that quote about democracy and people voting themselves all the money in the treasury. We can't let the peoples' love of handouts bankrupt the country.

Recall, when on an airplane, they always tell you to fix your oxygen mask before helping others. Similarly, the government can be much more help to everyone in the long run if they'd stabilize themselves first. However, until the government can responsibly handle its own duties, it needs to take a step back and reorganize.

For me, personally, I'd pay things in the order of:

-Debt - only because we have to
-Those with day to day responsibilities (This would include deployed military)
-Those basically on retainers (This would be non-deployed military, all those jobs where people just wait around incase they're needed)
-Those who have paid-in accounts (SS and the sort)
-Those who just have their hand out

Get as far down the line as you can with payments and when the money runs out, too bad. It's not ideal but would be a method for paying debt without increasing the debt limit.
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