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Originally Posted by UltimateHoboW/Shotgun View Post
True dat. Getting Manning was a coup. But Elway is also biuld a team for the future as well with Picks of Osweiler, Hillman and Moore. I think Elway is building this team a lot like 49ers and Seattle with some Eagles element in there as well.
I just want Elway's the GM's legacy to be more than bringing in Manning. He's done a lot to re-engage the fanbase, but I would really like to see him continue to excel in the years beyond.

If things dont' work out down the road, the short sided people will attribute all of his success to Manning, disrgarding the other excellent work he's done in putting this team around Peyton.

I just don't want to see all the threads and posts that Elway only succeeded with Manning, similari to the bone heads that try to discredit Shanahan because he had Elway as his QB.
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