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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
And IMHO they would have been stupid to keep him. Marty just chocked in big games. As I said before I'm not sure he ever Won a playoff game. Regardless if John was on the then side.

As for Josh Pat bought into his scheme and those things that went with it.. The defense needed to be completely rebuilt with just doom, dj and champ as starters a wasn't doom hurt that year also. I might have my years mixed up but pretty sure he was.

Rumor had it it was Joes hire and Pat really liked it. Pat has always had loads of loyalty to his coaches and only because he had mikey in his back pocket did he pull the plug on Wade after two years. After all mikey waste guy he wanted instead of wade anyway.

I could be dead wrong, but Pat had never shown the propensity to can his coach..
It was stupider (or should that be "more stupid" for grammatical correctness?) to fire Marty and hire Norv... to date, they've never returned to 14-2 and were hovering in the 7-9 win range 4 of Norv's six seasons. They only went deeper in the playoffs (than the Divisional game that was Marty's last as their HC) one time and still fell short of a SB appearance; much less a win.

As for Marty's teams ever winning any playoff games... seeing as how it was in the AFCCG that John sent Marty's Browns home in January of '87 and '88, well... you don't get to play in the AFCCG without winning in the Divisional round of the playoffs, right? Anyway, I count 5 playoff wins for Marty's teams, including the most recent playoff game the Chefs ever won on January 16, 1993.

I don't care how much an owner has bought into a very young, unproven HC's scheme... he has to rethink things and begin to suspect that said unproven HC might not be the answer after all... if the team slides to its lowest win total since 1971 (1982 wasn't a full season). After the 6-game winning streak to start the '09 season, something bad must have happened during the bye... 'cause the team proceeded to go on 4 separate 4-game losing streaks in the remainder of his tenure. I don't care how you spin it, Lonestar... 28 games coached... with a win/loss total of 9 - 17 (subtracting Studesville's 1-3 record) does not earn another season in which to continue down what had obviously become a downhill spiral. The only responsible thing Bowlen could do at that point was to take the team out of free-fall and try to salvage as much as he could while there was still something left to save. You can't realistically think there was any chance that Bowlen would have decided vying for "worst team in the league rather than merely the runner-up" and #1 overall in the 2012 draft was a viable option. Even if it would have netted us Luck.
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