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Originally Posted by ant1999e View Post
Sounds like a perfect candidate for comeback POY. BTW, we had a pretty good defense and running game before manning.
Does he deserve it? Yes. But I'm not such a homer to totally disregard AP and attack anyone who disagrees with me.
I don't disregard AP, every Patriot fan believes its Peterson and its not close, but if it was Brady involved, they would argue non stop for him. Rodney Harrison said as much on SNF that Peterson deserves it hands down. So I was throwing out any junk a patriot fan would say, just like I'm sure you did because I'm a Manning fan.

When I talked about Peterson, I was saying facts..
1. Fact Harvin was the MVP of Minny before he got hurt.
2. Ponder has played better than the credit he's given.
3. The defense has played better than credit they are given.
4. AP has 12 TDs, I'm pretty sure that's nowhere near enough to win games.
5. AP is most successful running outside, particularly to the left, where the play of new LT Matt Kalil should be recognized.
6. AP doesn't make everyone around him better.
7. Peterson sure isn't carrying them in this game, an MVP should be able to make a real difference.
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