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Bmore Manning

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1. Peyton couldn't even throw a ball a little less than a year ago. He was playing catch with his wife because he was so embarrassed of where he was physically.

2. The man is 36 years old, most of the doctors doubted the nerves in his arm would regenerate. As you get older some of you are aware your recovery time is double what it used to be with recovery from a workout, let alone an injury.

3. He is playing on a new team, in a new system, with new coaches, new players, all new variables, doctors, surroundings, and things that he needed to adjust to.

4. He led this new team to a 13-3 record, the number one seed, a first round playoff bye, and turned them into the hottest team, which is the favorite to win the SB!

5. He didn't just get this team to the playoffs, the day he signed he made them a SB favorite.

6. He also makes everyone around him better, holding coaches and players accountable for bettering themselves. Players study and work harder and want to be better and have to live to his standard. Coaches have to work harder to keep up with the greatest football mind to ever get behind center.

7. He makes the defense better by allowing them to pin their ears back and utilize the strengths of what they do, pass rush!

8. Practicing against him makes the defense enhance the level of practice and perpetration getting the best out of players and in turn coaching defensive players on how to handle each situation.

9. He revives the careers of retired players, benched players, and under performing players.

10. He is responsible for 24 players on the Broncos having their best statistical seasons of their careers.

11. He makes everyone believe in themselves and in him, that they can go out and win any game, no matter the score.

We aren't even at stats yet, and I haven't even talked about Peterson, would you like me to continue?
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