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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
This is where I say: let the market work. Don't penalize 15-20 other small market owners for the bad acts of 1 or 2 owners. Do away with the cap floor and if the owners are THAT bad and aren't doing anything beside collecting money, the fans will stop going and there will be no profit. They'll be forced to keep losing money or they'll sell the team to someone who IS interested in doing it the right way and the problem will solve itself.
this never happens. they'll complain, they swear they're done with the team but the reality is that fans would rather suffer through a bad franchise and be entertained so that they can say they were there through all the bad than to actually take their money away and force the team to improve.

look at almost any sport and pathetic franchises. fans won't give up something they enjoy to enact change.
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