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Money Ball

Originally Posted by NickStixx View Post
People are getting Best Offensive Player, and Most Valuable Player confused during all these discussions I've been hearing all week long.
Peyton Manning is the MVP
Adrian Peterson is the Offensive Player of the Year.

Why? Because Peyton literally transformed an entire team. The reason our defense is a top 5 defense has some to do with Jack Del Rio, but a lot to do with Peyton giving our team a lead and forcing teams to play catch up. Hence getting Von and Dumervil more sack opportunities, all ours CB's more INT opportunities. Knowshon Moreno is playing better now because teams have to account more for Manning in the pass.
Not to mention it's like having an offensive coordinator on the field at QB the entire time.

AP has been phenomenal, but he doesn't make the whole team better like Peyton Manning does.
I can dig this.
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