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Dude...what. I was at the Texans game, and the Texans had NO respect for Ponder, they literally had 11 men within 7 yards of the LOS. Their goal was to shut down Peterson, he was such a threat that it opened up passing game enough for the Vikings to win, plus Peterson STILL had 85 yards on the ground in that game. Averaging 85 yards a game btw equals a season total of 1,360 yards, pretty damn good. Heck, he did that in the 49ers game too.
2 games against the Packers, over 400 yards rushing with 2 TD's.
Seattle, 180 yards and 2 TD's.
Washington, 79 yards and 17 carries with 50 receiving yards, a good outing there.
2 games against a tough Bears defense, almost 300 total yards and 2 TD's
Do you have a point I'm missing?
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