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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
I truly don't think Peterson is the NFLs MVP. Percy Harvin was getting all that same talk when he was playing. People don't realize Ponder picked up the slack when Peterson couldn't get it done verse playoff teams, see 49ers and Texans. And their defense played great down the stretch...

Ponder isn't playing tonight so if Peterson really carries this team then they will beat Green Bay tonight!
Dude...what. I was at the Texans game, and the Texans had NO respect for Ponder, they literally had 11 men within 7 yards of the LOS. Their goal was to shut down Peterson, he was such a threat that it opened up passing game enough for the Vikings to win, plus Peterson STILL had 85 yards on the ground in that game. Averaging 85 yards a game btw equals a season total of 1,360 yards, pretty damn good. Heck, he did that in the 49ers game too.
2 games against the Packers, over 400 yards rushing with 2 TD's.
Seattle, 180 yards and 2 TD's.
Washington, 79 yards and 17 carries with 50 receiving yards, a good outing there.
2 games against a tough Bears defense, almost 300 total yards and 2 TD's
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