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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by Durango View Post
McDaniels wasn't going to get another year, spy gate, no spy gate, didn't matter.

All you had to do was look out over the thousands of empty seats at 'sold-out' home games and you knew Bowlen wasn't going to let that continue.

McDaniels was an utter, complete, total disaster for this franchise, completely out of his depth, and I'm a little surprised he wasn't fired immediately after the spy gate nonsense.
That was my thought as well... any NFL team owner is going to at least consider a HC change after an abysmal season. Add to it the fact that the entire McDaniels era was one controversy after another and Bowlen was in a position where he had to do something to "right the ship"... he couldn't allow McDaniels more time to run it even further into the ground. Tebow wasn't even on the radar as a factor in his decision.
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