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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Most owners know that when hiring a new HC and regime, especially a team that was in such poor condition talent wise, that it is going to take more than a couple of years to rebuild it.

Since we had so many kiddies on the team that year and with Tebow looming in the near future I think he would have gotten another year.

As for Marty he was fired because he could NEVER KEEP IT UP IN THE playoffs. I'm not sure if he ever won a playoff game going back as far as THE DRIVE.
Again, I believe that... had Spygate 2 not happened... McDaniels would have been allowed to finish the 2010 season. But 2011 was far from a "given"... had McDaniels finished the '10 season, it's entirely possible that we wouldn't have won the Texans game, meaning 3-13. You may believe Bowlen would have been ok with 3-4 wins; but I think he would have found it unacceptable and would have been looking for other options (Elway).

Spygate 2 was certainly the catalyst for the firing... the "final straw" so to speak. But McDaniels was already on "thinning ice" due to losing. IMHO.

Marty might not have had such a poor playoff record if he had not had the misfortune of encountering his nemesis 3 times. Just sayin'. It's still my opinion that the Chargers were stupid to fire a coach after 14-2.
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