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Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
Spygate 2 thrust the Broncos into the national limelight in a very negative way and had McDaniels not been fired, the public perception would have been that the organization... including Bowlen... at least tacitly approved of the attempt at cheating.

However... any HC whose team goes 4-12 has very high odds of being fired regardless. Hell, Marty was fired after his team went 14-2.
Most owners know that when hiring a new HC and regime, especially a team that was in such poor condition talent wise, that it is going to take more than a couple of years to rebuild it.

Since we had so many kiddies on the team that year and with Tebow looming in the near future I think he would have gotten another year.

As for Marty he was fired because he could NEVER KEEP IT UP IN THE playoffs. I'm not sure if he ever won a playoff game going back as far as THE DRIVE.
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