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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
I'm not sure how many times i can say this, but this is beyond wrong.

Last year's Broncos 8-8 (which snuck into the playoffs because of the third tie breaker in an epically bad division) had a -81 point differential. The worst ever for an 8-8 team. This year's broncos? +191. There was basically ONE difference between last years team and this years?

Peyton Manning.

From a team that was lucky to be 8-8, to the super bowl front runner.

It's ABSURD if he doesnt get it.
I agree, but would add JDR in there somewhere as well. Went from like 22nd ranked D to #4-ish (can't remember exact rankings). Not saying a lot of that isn't due to the severe decrease in 3-and-outs from Tebow to Peyton, but JDR, as well as getting rid of Andre Goodman, has made their mark on this team as well.
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