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Originally Posted by Patriot 37 View Post
After last weekend, I can't see how Peterson doesn't get it. Manning, Brady and Rogers had their typical years. If an average QB was on the Broncos say Flacco you still win 10 games (hell you won 8 with Tebow and a worse D). If Steven Ridley is the Vikings RB they win 4 or 5 games. Honestly, if you look at what Rogers did with a injured riddled team and a mediocre D he IMO is the best QB in the NFL. Somewhere, losing to the 3 toughest opponents you faced has to hurt Manning.
I'm not sure how many times i can say this, but this is beyond wrong.

Last year's Broncos 8-8 (which snuck into the playoffs because of the third tie breaker in an epically bad division) had a -81 point differential. The worst ever for an 8-8 team. This year's broncos? +191. There was basically ONE difference between last years team and this years?

Peyton Manning.

From a team that was lucky to be 8-8, to the super bowl front runner.

It's ABSURD if he doesnt get it.
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