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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Prior to the spy gate issue the local press was from what I read and understood pretty neutral on Josh while they did not like his disdain for them I think they feared him like those in NE do BB. Knowing they could easily lose press credentials if they pissed him off.

But once there was blood in the water the feeding frenzy started en mass..

IMO it seemed like that the press riled up the public and fans and shortly thereafter Pat changed his tune fast.
Spygate 2 thrust the Broncos into the national limelight in a very negative way and had McDaniels not been fired, the public perception would have been that the organization... including Bowlen... at least tacitly approved of the attempt at cheating.

However... any HC whose team goes 4-12 has very high odds of being fired regardless. Hell, Marty was fired after his team went 14-2.
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