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Originally Posted by 24champ View Post
Pat originally backed McDaniels right before he fired him. It's a weird series of events. He had an interview with AOL fanhouse about how he is sticking with McDaniels and giving him another season.

He continues to defend McD through the whole article, and even mentions that there will probably be staff changes. What would have happened is Martindale would have been canned, and a lot of defensive coaches would have been fired and McD would have stayed.

Keep in mind, the above interview was a week before McDaniels was canned.
Prior to the spy gate issue the local press was from what I read and understood pretty neutral on Josh while they did not like his disdain for them I think they feared him like those in NE do BB. Knowing they could easily lose press credentials if they pissed him off.

But once there was blood in the water the feeding frenzy started en mass..

IMO it seemed like that the press riled up the public and fans and shortly thereafter Pat changed his tune fast.
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