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Reid is easily the best HC you guys have had since Marty, that said he hasn't been deep in the playoffs in about 10 years, I think he is a perfect hire for a team that hasn't been the to the SB in well over 40 years since it has been 9 years since Reid has been there and he was never able to win. Always close but no Cigar, perfect for kFc.

I will say kFc might take some effort to beat after Manning retires.

Now that Pioli is gone you guys do have a chance at finding a servicable QB. In the draft and I wonder if Reid doesn't try to work with Cassel considering the money kFc invested in him. I thought Cassell was much better than Quinn, with a real center not hosing up the snaps and some actual coaching Cassell might not be the turn over machine he has been lately, that would allow Reid to get the top OT available and then grab a QB in a later round he can develop into a Foals type guy considering this is a QB weak draft.

I would get all the pieces sorted out around the QB position, the OL and WR is a big priority especially if Albert and Bowe walk. Reid has shown he can find servicable guys that work in his system, the fact that he lost his team the last 2 years and they basically quit on him and he has only won 12 games over those 2 years would be my concerns but hell 12 wins in 2 years is an upgrade for kFc.

I wonder if he got his free Camero and is growing his hair out in the back for a Mullet, a Mullet would rock with his stache.
10 years? Reid was 3 minutes away from going to SB in 2009. That's not deep in the playoffs?

Reid is basically the same hire as John Fox, just different philosophies. Both did very well with their previous teams. Went to the SB and lost to the Pats.

In Philly, there was a power struggle the last few years. Giving Reid power back is the smart idea. It's what helped him be successful.
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